Welcome to your new bean-to-cup coffee machine

Find all the information you need to set up and maintain your coffee machine - so that you can savor a fresh cup everyday. Enjoy each and every coffee moment!


Getting started with your KRUPS coffee machine

Your unboxing moment

When you open the box, the first thing you will discover is the user manual. Inside you can find important information about the setup, use and maintenance of your machine. Also included is the welcome pack, which contains useful accessories to make sure your machine lasts over time:
  • Localise the drip tray and bean container lid in the upper wedge.
  • Carefully remove the machine and place the parts into the correct position before plugging in your machine.
  • You can then plug it in.
  • Finally, fill the bean container with your favorite coffee!

Your first use

  • Before you enjoy your first coffee, your machine needs to be set up correctly.
  • If your machine has a screen, following the instructions that appear when you switch it on. If your machine does not have a screen, refer to your user manual, where you can find all the information.
  • You can install a filter cartridge in the water tank to improve the taste of your beverages and the lifespan of your machine. Next, fill the water tank with fresh cold water.
  • Place a 600ml container under the nozzle while the machine completes its first rinse cycle. The flow of water will stop after 5 minutes or so. Once complete, your machine is ready to make your first cup of coffee!

Prepare your milk-based beverages with ease

Whether it's a cappuccino, macchiato or a latte, create a whole range of delicious milky beverages with a KRUPS coffee machine. From manual steam nozzles, to built-in milk pots and one-touch functions, there's something to suit every taste. Refer to your user manual or the sections below to learn how to make the creamiest milk beverages.

Benefit from a quick access to your Bean to cup coffee machine support

  • Register your purchase date
  • Check your warranty duration
  • Get quick access to all the questions and answers related to your device
  • Find genuine parts and accessories
  • And much more…


Learn the basics

Make a tasty espresso

Find out how to make a delicious espresso using Arabica.

Make one or two espressos

Want to share a coffee moment? Our machines allow you to make two espressos at the same time using Evidence One.

Make the creamiest cappuccino

Nothing beats the smooth, sweet quality of a great cappuccino. Find out how to make one using milk advanced technology from Intuition.

Learn the basics

Create your own drinks profile with Intuition Préférence

Create a profile, save your favorite beverages and make each one at the touch of a button with Intuition Préférence.

Save your favorite drinks with Arabica

Prefer a creamy cappuccino in the morning, and a stronger coffee at midday? Program your favorites with Arabica.

How to set the grinding coarseness

Full bodied, medium or light coffee? Learn how to adjust the coarseness according to your taste using Evidence One.

Make the most delicious drinks!

Make an infinite number of creamy and gourmet recipes to enjoy alone, with family or friends, thanks to our KRUPS bean to cup machines


Fully enjoy the Espresso Full Auto experience with additional accessories

Check out our range of Full Auto Espresso accessories for delicious and effortless at home espressos.

Filterpatroon Claris F08801

Filterpatroon Claris F08801


Onderhoudskit voor Espressomachine met bonenmaler XS530010.

Onderhoudskit voor Espressomachine met bonenmaler XS530010.

Reinigingstabletten Espresseria XS300010

Reinigingstabletten Espresseria XS300010

How to maintain your coffee machine

At Krups we believe that the cleanliness of our automatic coffee machines is one of the most important criteria to preserve the taste cup after cup.

We are also convinced that delegating this task is key, to insure you a perfect coffee journey. That is why our machine will inform you when cleaning will be necessary, and all that with limited effort from you.


How to clean your bean-to-cup coffee machine

Cleaning a bean-to-cup coffee machine without using a screen (Arabica)

KRUPS coffee machines have built-in programs that clean and rinse at high temperatures. With just a cleaning tab and the push of a button, it's easy to clean your machine.


Cleaning a bean-to-cup coffee machine with a simple button (Evidence Eco-design)

Discover our tips for maintaining your bean-to-cup coffee machine using the KRUPS cleaning tabs.

Cleaning a bean-to-cup coffee machine using the screen (Intuition Preference +)

Cleaning your bean-to-cup coffee machine has never been so easy! When the cleaning alert turns on, take a KRUPS cleaning tab and follow the step by step instructions on-screen.

How to de-scale your bean-to-cup coffee machine

Why should you de-scale your bean-to-cup coffee machine?

Did you know that limescale increases the heating time and degrades the taste of coffee?

To extend the longevity of your machine and guarantee a perfect taste cup after cup, we recommend you to de-scale when the machine is alerting.


De-scale your bean-to-cup coffee machine with a button on the interface (Evidence-Eco Design)

When the de-scaling alert turns on, use the KRUPS de-scaling powder to clean it in about 20 minutes. For more information, refer to your manual or the how to video.

De-scale your bean-to-cup coffee machine using the screen (Intuition Preference +)

Your KRUPS Intuition bean-to-cup coffee machine lets you know when you need to de-scale. The on-screen instructions make it easier than ever!

Tips and tricks

Coffee is made up of more than 95% water, which is why water quality is so important for perfect results. We recommend using the Claris Aqua Filter System cartridge to filter limestone, chlorine and heavy metals from your water.

If your appliance is equipped with our Claris Aqua Filter System cartridge, be sure to replace it every 2 months maximum and to remove it before before de-scaling.


Do you have a problem with your espresso machine? There are solutions to your questions. You can find answers in our online FAQ, as well as in the user manuals and user guide. Don't hesitate to contact our Customer Service if you can't find the answer to your question.

Why is the coffee is too lightly coloured or too weak?

  • Check that the coffee bean container has coffee in it and that it is dispensing correctly.
  • Avoid using oily, caramelised or flavoured coffee.
  • Make the drink in two cycles by using the 2 cups function.
  • Adjust the fineness of ground coffee by turning the adjustment knob located in the coffee bean container.

The water does not run through.

This can be due to a number of factors:
  • There is no water in the tank; fill the tank
  • Your tank is not correctly installed; press firmly on the tank
  • The filter is blocked; the ground coffee is too fine. Clean the filter holder and try a less finely ground coffee
  • The pump is unprimed; refer to the instructions on how to prime it,Your appliance has scaled up; descale it
  • The Claris filter cartridge has been changed but not primed; refer to the instructions on how to prime it.

Why is the coffee dispensed so slowly?

Remove the water filter if your machine uses one. If this does not solve your problem, turn the fineness of grind button to the right to obtain a coarser grind (may depend on the type of coffee used). Run one or several rinsing cycles.

Extend the life of your Espresso Full Auto

Krups is there by you every step of your Espresso Full Auto's life. Repair packages, regardless of the issue, are available beyond your 2-year warranty, at a reasonable and fixed price. In addition to a quick and easy process, enjoy a 6-month extended warranty on the entire product.


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