How to choose a sandwich or a waffle iron?

There is nothing like good homemade snacks to delight your whole family and friends. The sandwich & waffle maker has become an essential appliance to please old and young gourmets. Whether you just want to make sandwiches, waffles or both, you will find the perfect model. However, it can be somewhat difficult to find the perfect appliance. That is why we have prepared this buying guide for you. In order to help you, we will give you all the keys to define which model suits you perfectly.


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What kind of meals do you want to make?

One of the first things to consider when choosing a waffle maker or sandwich maker is the type of meals you prefer. Do you just want to make waffles with your appliance? Or maybe you only want to prepare sandwiches and croque monsieur? Please note that this depends on the plates included in your machine. Our models with removable plates allow you to make several meals. On the other hand, our appliances with fixed plates usually allow you to cook only one dish, such as a waffle or a sandwich.


Check all the features that you might enjoy to use

Non-stick coating

Easy cooking and ease of cleaning are one of your priorities? You should therefore opt for a non-stick coating machine. Indeed, such models make it easy to remove your snacks from the appliance thanks to their non-stick coated plates. Check them out!


You do not appreciate spending a lot of time cleaning your plates and appliances? A waffle maker with removable and dishwasher safe plates is made for you!

Easy storage

Do you lack space in your cupboards or counter? Is your kitchen small? Do you live in a small apartment? Then you should opt for one of our compact waffle makers or sandwich makers. To save space in your cupboards, choose a device that can be stored vertically.

Pilot lights

Pilot lights, also called indicator lights, are a very secure and useful feature. These appliances include a signal that tells you when the machine is hot enough to cook your snacks. For a good cooking result without the hassle, choose a waffle maker with pilot lights!

Which waffle or sandwich maker should I choose ?

Let’s focus on our multifunction EZCLEAN

Our EZCLEAN SW611 is an easy-to-clean sandwich maker with 3 removable and interchangeable plates. Thanks to these different plates, you can make several dishes. Among them are waffles, toasted sandwiches (with cheese, vegetables, meat...), and grilled/panini. Ideal for those of you who like to vary the pleasures and test new recipes! 3 sets of interchangeable plates for quick and easy meals any time of the day!

Plus, this model is easy-to-clean, easy-to-store (as you can store it vertically) and features pilot lights. This is one of the most versatile waffle makers that we have.

Let’s focus on our Waffle Time

Our Waffle Time model is dedicated to making varied and delicious homemade waffles. This machine will help you cook and heat wonderful sweets (with sugar, chocolate, fruits…) or salty waffles. It is easy to clean thanks to the non-stick coated plates. Moreover, vertical and cord storage make it easy to store in your kitchen. Ideal for the smallest spaces and apartments! This model also comes with an insulated handle that ensures safety and a locking latch, too.

Have you found the perfect sandwich maker or waffle maker for your needs? Whether you are more into sweet savory or hot sandwiches with vegetables, meat, egg, bacon, ham, panini bread, these machines are amazing. If you choose a versatile model, whether you prefer grilling meat or crispy waffles, they will suit you perfectly.

In case you still hesitate, please feel free to contact us.