How to choose a raclette or fondue machine?

Raclette and fondue machines are appliances meant to create convivial moments around the table. For cheese lovers, enjoy the moment with 2,4,6,8 or even 10 guests! To vary the pleasures, make your choice between the Burgundian fondue, the Savoyard fondue or the chocolate fondue. In order for you to find the most appropriate appliance, we’ve prepared this buying guide. We will give you all the choice criterias and features you may need to make your decision.


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How to choose a raclette machine?


The first question that you should ask yourself is about the capacity you need. How many guests would you like to invite at home? Do you have a big family? Are you used to organizing raclette parties? Whether your machine is meant to feed 2,4,6, 8 or even 10 people, we have what you need!

Want to have enough space and trays for up to 8 people? Check our Raclette Gourmet RE610 made in Haute-Savoie, France with the wealth of French expertise, in this region where raclette is part of the local tradition.

This model is perfect to feed up to 8 people around the table in a very convivial ambiance. Moreover, this specific product is what we call a 3-in-1 raclette cooker providing grill and plancha functions as well. In other words, a world of different recipes is wide open to you! Its Titanium Force non-stick coating offers outstanding resistance, too. Extra quality? The strays are 50% deeper than the classic models to grill and heat up more cheese at once. Gourmands and gourmets will make the most of it…

Do you have lower needs? Anyway, our wide range of raclette machines make it possible for everyone to find the perfect size.


Would you like your machine to be able to cook more than just a raclette? Then you should opt for one of our versatile models. Actually, most of our raclette appliances offer other functions thanks to their top plate. You will find a grill, plancha, potato warmer or crepe maker, for example!

So, is it true? Do you want to explore and test many recipes with your machine? You should take a look at our Raclette CHEESE N CO NEO STORE INN GRILL 6CP. This model is a 6-in-1 raclette machine. You will cook raclette, potatoes and cheese, melted cheese fondue, tartiflette, cheese box and cheese crepes! 6 functions in only one compact appliance! This is the perfect raclette machine for the most curious of you.


Round, square, rectangular? Our wide range of models adapt to the shape of your table. Whether you prefer to sit in a circle, in a square or in a rectangular space, you will find a great machine! Adapt your model’s shape to your table and let your machine make your dining room pop!

Do you want to save space?

Do you live in a small apartment? Is your counter space limited? Then, we recommend you pick a compact machine. In order to save space in your cupboards, choose a compact and smart device. This way, you can store it vertically with all its integrated accessories storage. This kind of raclette machine will take up little room and will not become a burden to keep at home.

Find the perfect raclette machine to save space!


For a good cooking result without the hassle, choose an appliance with Thermospot that tells you when the appliance is hot enough to cook.

Looking for new recipes?

If you are looking for new recipes to surprise everyone at home, choose a model with a recipe book integrated. Discover a brand new way to use your raclette appliance and give free rein to your creativity!

How about it? Have you found the perfect raclette machine?

How to choose a fondue machine?

What type of fondue do you want to cook?

Burgundy fondue is made of fresh beef meat, various sauces that you can accompany with French fries, for example. Savoyard fondue, also called cheese fondue, is a traditional dish from Haute-Savoie. It includes many French cheeses, such as Beaufort, Comte and Tomme de Savoie with bread. It is a great party dish on cold winter evenings.

What about a sweet dessert to end up on this great list? Yes, you also can cook a chocolate fondue with a fondue machine. This dessert is a gourmand and warming dish. You can accompany your chocolate with some fruits, for example.


How many guests do you plan to invite? Do you have a big family to feed? Are you used to organizing fondue or dinner parties? Whether this pleasure is for you, 6 or 8 people, you will find the perfect Tefal fondue machine.

Want to get enough material for up to 8 people? Let’s check our FONDUE THERMORESPECT INOX&DESIGN. This chic and beautifully crafted model has been designed to please up to 8 guests around the table. It includes 8 forks/spatulas for each of them. Plus, this model is great for all types of fondue, including cheese, Burgundian and chocolate. With its insulating outer wall, the fondue remains safe for everyone.


Most of our appliances are compatible with all types of fondue. Fondue savoyarde, bourguignonne, chocolate... opening so many gourmet possibilities to you!

Explore flavors beyond our borders! With a traditional fondue machine, you can also cook an Asian fondue, usually composed of broth in which are cooked pieces of meat, vegetables, tofu, noodles, etc.

Be safe

Are you scared for your children and the hot ingredients on the table? Do not worry! Just choose an appliance with a double insulating wall, thanks to this the fondues are safe for everyone. Our machines allow the whole family to share convivial moments around the table, with no hassle.

Non-stick coating

In order to ensure a fluid and easy cooking of your ingredients, we provide you with a non-stick coating. This function is ideal to take care of the machine and provide a better durability and resistance over the years.


Do you want to spend as little time as possible cleaning your fondue machine? Then, we recommend you opt for a fondue with a removable and dishwasher-safe pot.

For instance, our Fondue Thermorespect Colormania would suit you very well. This fondue machine is dishwasher safe and comes with an easily removable outer wall. Thanks to a clip/unclip system that makes it simple to clean the outer wall and the non-stick pot.

Why should you purchase a fondue or a raclette set?

A treasure for cheese lovers ....

Raclette and fondue are traditionally perfect dishes for cheese lovers. Are you one of them? Then, buying a fondue or raclette machine will simply make you happy.

...but not only

Fondue appliances allow you to prepare much more than Savoyard fondues! Travel to Switzerland with an oil-based Burgundy fondue or to Asia with a Chinese or Vietnamese fondue, for example. To end your meal on a very gourmet note, treat yourself to a chocolate fondue! All this, thanks to a single device.

Some of our raclette appliances can also be used as Pierrade® appliances, ideal for another type of convivial meal. The cooking stone sears your meats, seafood and vegetables, just like a real plancha. You'll never run out of options to attract many gourmands around the table!

It is so convivial and hearty

In addition, these meals are very quick to prepare and so convivial and convenient to share. They are ideal to live great moments with your loved ones around the table. Perfect for cold winter evenings!

Almost no preparation time

Besides potatoes, which you need to boil first, you don't need to prepare anything! You only need to focus on enjoying your experience. Raclette is the perfect meal to spend delicious moments with your loved ones.