How to choose the right pan ?

Today, there is an infinite number of pans made of different materials, with different surface, different size, height etc. This is why it is extremely important to know what you expect from a pan before buying one. We have prepared a list of the most important aspects that will help you choose the right pan


What shape of pan is made for you?

The frying pan

The frying pan is a must-have in every kitchen and a classic utensil to cook basically anything you want. This type of pan is very versatile and helps you to cook healthy. They are designed with flat bottoms and round side walls. This is the perfect combination for fast and even cooking. Thanks to the high-quality non-stick coating of Tefal pans, food can be prepared without any fat. This feature makes them perfect cookware for the healthiest cooking. Either you are looking for long lasting non-stick coating, ceramic or stainless steel, you will find the perfect match.

The frying pan is ideal for cooking:

  • Meat
  • fish,
  • vegetables,
  • eggs,
  • bacon…

The wok

Woks are characterized by a smaller bottom and high round sides. It is deeper than a basic frying pan. Woks are very popular to cook asian dishes, such as grilled vegetables and stir-fried noodles, for example. Some of our woks offer special features such as spouts for easy pouring (sauce, juice, cream, etc.).

The pancake pan

This pan seems to have a very specific purpose: make crepes and pancakes. However, it is much more versatile than we can imagine. Obviously, this pan will be your perfect ally to make crepes and pancakes. But you can also use it to make fajitas, eggs, grilled sandwiches and a bunch of other dishes that require a frying pan. You will find it in different sizes.

The saute pan

In the first place, this type of pan has been designed to cook stir frying meat and vegetables. It allows you to add a small amount of heated fat to obtain healthier and tastier results. Unlike the classic frying pan, this pan provides straight sides and is much deeper. These characteristics make it a perfect pan to cook one complete meal and enjoy a variety of dishes. This saute pan comes with a lid to lock in heat and moisture. Ideal for simmering and stewing dishes.

You will find them in different sizes and materials.

The special pan

Special pans have very specific functions to help you cook your favorite meals. You will find special pans for grilling steaks, making blinis, omelets, such as triangular pans or pizza pans… These models allow you to easily cook your favorite dishes with the best materials.

What are the main features of a pan ?

Which size is the most suitable for you?

Choosing the right size is one of the basic pillars. Not sure which size is the right one for you? Don’t worry. We have prepared a well-arranged table which will help you estimate the size of the pan you should purchase. As an example, for a family of four we recommend a 26-28 cm pan.

Check compatibility of your pan with your hobs?

Hobs Compatibility

Not all pans are compatible with all types of hobs, it mainly depends on its material and composition. Even if most of our pans are compatible with all types of hobs including induction, please make sure before buying to check if the pan if compatible (check picto as below on website product description or packaging).

Do you prefer removable or fixed handle?

Choose between fixed or removable handle

Removable handle:

  • Ideal for space saving: Optimal storage
  • Much more than a pan: Can be cooked on STOVE, in the OVEN and stored in the FRIDGE (glass or plastic lid compatible)
  • The handle stays cool

Stainless steel fixed handle:
  • Riveted stainless steel, like a Chef
  • Robust handling

Bakelite fixed handle:
  • Stay cool
  • Easy and safe handling

What coating/material should you choose for your pan?

The advantages of non-stick pans

All our nonstick pans are ideal for quick and easy cooking. All our non-stick pans provide long lasting performance, prevent food from sticking to the pan. Plus they are PFOA, lead and cadmium free.

Cooking has never been easier and it is not necessary to add oil or butter. For healthy and easy cooking in the kitchen!

The advantages of Mineralia stone effect pans

Mineralia Stone effect pans come with a non-stick coating enriched with minerals for healthy cooking; Mineralia is PFOA, lead and cadmium free.

No need to add fat, your food will not stick at all. Particularly resistant, stone pans are very durable. You will enjoy cooking all kinds of meals: fish, delicate fish, meat, vegetables…Most of Mineralia pans are induction compatible.

The pros of ceramic pans

Our ceramic pans are eco-friendly and made from 90% natural mineral and 10% organic ingredients to enjoy healthy cooking. Our coating is PFOA, lead & cadmium free. Among other pros of ceramic, it's scratch resistant, durable and easy to clean. Just add a little oil to get the crispiest results.

The advantages of stainless steel pans

These pans are ultra-resistant and perfect to cook all kinds of foods. We use high grade 18/10 stainless steel for extreme durability, scratch resistance and perfect searing, deglazing...

The pros of cast iron pans

Cast iron is a highly resistant material for the best even cooking.Cast iron pans are perfect for grilling and searing. They can be used to prepare meats, among others. Please note that this type of pan is heavier than other materials but offer excellent heat distribution and retention to cook as on a barbecue!

Compare the different coatings of pans