How to choose a pancake maker ?

An electric pancake maker or crepier is a kitchen appliance that gourmets and crepes lovers need at home. Do you want to cook crepes and make pancakes easier than ever? Would you like to share some convivial moments around the table with your loved ones? Then, a Tefal crepier is ideal. With our Tefal models, you will be able to cook sweet crepes for dessert, pancakes for Sunday brunches or salted galettes for dinner. You are still undecided and need some help to buy a great pancake maker for your needs? Do not worry. We are gonna help you! In this buying guide, we will compare the models and give you the keys to find the perfect pancake maker.


Notre sélection de crepiére

Crêpière Gourmet PY900


Crep’Party Colormania Chefclub® PY559


All the features you need to know to choose your pancake maker

Which size of pancake is best for you?

The very first question to ask yourself is the following one: What kind of crepe do I prefer? Do you want to make large crepes, mini crepes or both? Whether you prefer mini crepes or larger pancakes, we have the perfect model for you.

Would you like to make both? Our Crepier Gourmet PY900 provides 2 removable and interchangeable plates for 2 different sizes. One plate for two medium size crepes and pancakes and one plate for 6 mini crepes. You can easily change the plate according to your needs at any time!

If you’re more into mini crepes and pancakes, then CREP’PARTY 6 NEO COLORMANIA PY559 is made for you! It includes a 6-plate mini size pancake.

The coating and design

The quality of the coating ensures better cooking convenience and maximum durability. So you know, a nonstick coating is ideal to easily flip and remove your crepes from your appliance. Nonstick surfaces make cooking crepes more fluid. We also recommend you to choose a pancake maker with a thermo-spot indicator. Why is that? Because this indicator helps you and guides you. Indeed, it turns red when the griddle has reached the perfect hot temperature to start cooking.

Our titanium force coating non-stick makes sure that your food will be cooked perfectly. Featuring a harb base layer with titanium particles, this type of non-stick electric pan provides durability and quality performance. Our Crepier Gourmet is made of titanium, check it! We recommend you opt for our titanium crepe maker to avoid sticking if needed. Moreover, the non-stick surface can be comfortably cleaned with water.

Regarding the design, our models are elegant and all-purpose. They will match with your interior easily and adapt to your style.

Making pancakes has never been so pleasant!

Multiple thermostat setting

Our Crepier Gourmet model provides a temperature selector for each kind of crepe you want to cook. It is called a multiple thermostat setting. For each kind of crepe, such as blinis, pancake or fajitas, you can choose the perfect thermostat. This feature ensures you to obtain excellent and yummy results for any kind of recipe. This option is ideal if you love cooking all kinds of meals from around the world and test multiple crepes!

Easy cleaning

You do not want to spend too much time cleaning your appliance? Then, we recommend you opt for an easy-to-clean model. Choose an electric crepe maker with removable and dishwasher-safe plates!


Ladles, pasta spreaders (to spread the crepe batter), spatulas…Do these names ring a bell? All of them are accessories you may need to cook your crepes. Each Tefal crepe maker has its own set of accessories to help you succeed in cooking.

Easy storage

Running out of kitchen or counter space? To save space in your cupboards, you should pick a smart and special device that can be stored vertically with integrated accessories storage. This way, you can make it smaller than it is and save some space in your kitchen. This feature is ideal if you live in a small apartment as well!

Do you want to try and taste some recipes from all around the world? Our Crepier Gourmet model for example comes with a recipe booklet full of delicious dishes such as:

  • pancakes
  • French crêpes
  • fajitas
  • naan
  • Piadina
  • and much more…

Give free reins to your desires and your culinary creativity!

Why should you choose a pancake maker?

Whether you are more into classic and traditional large crepes or mini crepes, purchasing a crepe maker makes it easier for you. Thanks to their multiple plates and accessories, our appliances help you save some time compared to a frying pan.

Cooking crepes has never been so convivial and simple!