Learn how to use your Tefal 5-second chopper

It's time to ditch the knife and get started with your Tefal 5-second chopper. Daily food prep has never been so easy, and here you'll find all the information you need about your new product. Happy chopping!


Getting started with your 5-second chopper

Step 1 - Unboxing

  1. Open the box.
  2. Take out all of the parts.
  3. Remove the blade cover, taking every precaution to protect your fingers.

Step 2 – Cleaning before use

  1. Wash the bowl and rotor blade by hand or using the dishwasher, taking care while handling the ultra-sharp blades.
  2. Wash the lid with a sponge, without immersing it in water to avoid wetting the pull cord.

Benefit from a quick access to your 5-second chopper support

- register your purchase date - check your warranty duration - get quick access to all the questions and answers related to your device, - find genuine parts and accessories - …


How to use your 5-second chopper

Enjoy quick and easy recipes for tasty meals at home, thanks to the new Tefal 5-Second Chopper! Whether dicing onions without irritation, chopping nuts with ease or preparing delicious dips like guacamole and hummus, its clever technology ensures fast, effortless results with ever-so-easy recipes.


Learn the basics

My first use

1 -Put bowl on a flat surface with rotor inside & blades parallel. 2- Cut up larger pieces, smaller than the size of the blades. 3 - Fill bowl to just half the capacity . 4 - Lock lid securily. 5 - Place one hand on lid and pull handle horizontally, always accompanying the handle.


My first recipes using the manual chopper

Try our quick, healthy quinoa salad, our Dip-and-share guacamole or our speculos & almond cheesecake.

Daily cleaning

Wash rotor & bowl by hand or in the dishwasher. Wash lid with a sponge, without placing in water.


Go further

Light, sticky food like herbs, garlic & chilli

Place removable wing on a stable surface, align the blades and push rotor down to finely chop. Then use the chopper as explain above.


For quick & easy cooking at home in record time!

Discover a whole host of recipes, each one simpler and better than the last!


How to maintain the 5-second chopper

Discover our maintenance advices dedicated to the 5-second manual chopper and find out our tips to extend its life. By taking care of your 5-second chopper, you can enjoy it longer.


Is the chopper dishwasher safe?

All parts are dishwasher-safe except the lid that you have to handwash or clean with a sponge while avoiding to put water on the pull mechanism, that is to say without immersing it in the sink. To prolong the life of your product, we recommend hand washing.


Trouble shooting

Having some issues with your 5-second chopper? Don't worry, we're here to help. You can also read the user manual, the FAQs or simply contact us at any time.

Water got into my lid during washing ?

  1. If water accidentally gets inside the lid, use a coin to unscrew the drain at the base of the lid and remove the water.
  2. Let it dry for several hours.​
  3. Once it's dry, close the drain again.
  4. Do not unscrew or open any other parts of the lid, in case of injury.

My chopper gets jammed, especially with harder ingredients?

  1. First, chop up the larger ingredients such as carrots or onions into pieces shorter than the length of the blades, so that they don't block the blades of the cutting rotor.​
  2. Align the blades correctly to optimally use the available space.
  3. Fill the bowl, but no more than half its total capacity. ​
  4. If you need more, empty the bowl containing the chopped food and repeat the process.

The pull rope no longer wraps properly in the lid

Solution 1:

  1. Check that the removable wing is removed. If not, remove it from the rotor.
  2. Repeat the chopping process, ensuring that large food items are cut into pieces and that the rotor blades are aligned​ correctly beforehand.
Solution 2:
  1. Open the bowl.
  2. Cut the food into smaller pieces and do not fill the bowl to more than half its total capacity.

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