How to choose you coffee machine?

It all begins with your own coffee ritual...

In a constantly changing world, it's often our coffee ritual that anchors us to the present. While the taste may be the same, coffee making technology is constantly evolving. From preparation style to houselhold size, price range, choosing the right machine is more important and personal than ever before.

Perhaps you want great coffee served in the touch of a button, or easy preparation with some control over the settings. Or how about the full, barista experience and a custom-made brew? Whatever your expectations, we've got a device to suit your needs.


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Choosing the perfect coffee machine for you

Bean-to-cup coffee machine

Looking for that exceptional, freshly ground flavor?

Then a bean-to-cup coffee machine is what you need. Also known as an "automatic" or "bean grinder espresso" machine, the results are the same - and that's a great cup of coffee, everytime. A bean-to-cup machine is ideal if you drink more than 4-5 cups per day.

Enjoy the pleasure of choosing your quality coffee from a roaster and the delight of the full profile of your beans with a freshly ground espresso, extracted with high bar pressure for those barista-style aromas.

Prefer your coffee black or with milk? Create a perfect espresso, ristretto and long coffee, or creamy cappuccino and latte macchiato.

If you're looking to save money or reduce waste, then automatic coffee machines are a smart option. Adjust the settings according to temperature, length and strength of coffee - just how you like it.

Manual espresso machine

Experience the true art of espresso with a manual espresso machine. From selecting the ground coffee to manipulating the tamper, dosing to tamping and inserting the portafilter, craft barista gesture coffee from start to finish.

Create the perfect espresso using pump pressure, and change the coffee with every cup for a different taste.

Or go even further than espresso - try the steam nozzle to froth your milk like a barista for creamy cappuccinos and lattes.

Affordable and stylish, get ready to make coffee like a pro and influence your cup results.


For high quality coffee in an instant - look no further than a Nespresso machine. And with the no-fuss capsule solution, the possibilities are endless. Add one capsule to make a smooth espresso for yourself, and then another straight after so your partner can enjoy a light decaf.

Easy to use and clean, simply insert a capsule, press the button and serve. Specially selected coffee has never been so effortless with programmed extraction parameters.

Nescafé Dolce Gusto

Bring the coffee shop experience into your home with a stylish, no-fuss capsule machine.

With ease and speed, simply insert your capsule and create hot and cold NESCAFE® Dolce Gusto drinks such as espresso, americano, cappuccino, tea or even hot chocolate.

The 15-bar pressure guarantees high quality coffee everytime, and its compact design fits in any space.

Filter coffee maker

Get the best out of the ground bean with freshly made filter coffee every morning. Made for sharing with a 10 to 15 cup capacity, your filter coffee maker keeps warm for up to 4 hours in a Thermos carafe.

For a quick and reliable caffeine fix, simply add water, ground coffee and press the button - it'll never let you down. Packed with extra features, it's easy to keep your ground coffee fresh with the auto-dosing system.

What should you consider when choosing a coffee machine?

Great results with every cup

With your personal taste in mind, we've fine-tuned the coffee-water ratio, grind consistency, roast of the coffee, water temperature and timing so that our machines extract the perfect cup of coffee.

Large choice of beverages

Give you some time to think about your tastes...

You're in the rush and only want to enjoy a perfect espresso ? Or do you want to take some time to create your own personnalized drink like a barista? Pending on your tastes and desires, you will find the perfect coffee machines among our ranges.

Enjoy a Ristretto or a Latte Macchiatto in one touch with our full auto. Prefer an espresso, a hot chocolate or a tea with a smart capsule with Dolce Gusto. Or try new flavors from around the world in capsules with Nespresso. The taste travel can also be through intense aroma experience, from the first to the last drop, with our filter coffee machines.

Cleaning solutions and maintenance

Go further in the coffee experience and think about the maintenance of your machine to keep the quality of your coffee day after day. KRUPS focuses on manual to automatic cleaning solutions, always thinking of ease of use, to ensure you perfect coffees and durability of your machines.

Eco-friendly features

If adopting an eco-friendly consumption is a key criteria for you and if you want to limit your environmental impact, our Krups machines offer you an adapted solution.

Rather with the auto-dosing system of some of our drip coffee machines to avoid coffee waste, the auto-off function that limits energy consumption, or our from up to 90% recycled or recyclable plastic made full auto, you will find a machine corresponding to your criteria.

Easy-to-use interfaces

Let you guide through our KRUPS machines' intuitive touch screens for an easy and smooth coffe experience. From the Smart'n'Light filter coffee maker, to Nescafé Dolce Gusto, and Intuition Preference, your experience will be more or less guided through the interface you will choose. Access a range of functions and whip up any drink.

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