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What are the benefits of an eletric BBQ ?

Do you like to grill food outdoors with your family and friends? On the balcony of your flat, on holiday, in your garden or while camping, the electric barbecue is ideal. It allows you to grill your meat, sausages, tenderloin, skewers, hot dogs, burgers simply while enjoying the fresh air. Whether it is chicken, pork chops, skirt steak, ribs, a beef steak, burgers or any other kind of meat, the BBQ will suit you well.

It is simple and quick to feast on good meat! Compact, practical, easy to clean, low in smoke emissions, it is the perfect ally for daily and urban use.

Would you like to install your BBQ outside without any table to support it? Our tip is to opt for a model with feet.

The capacity of an electric BBQ

From compact models to XXL BBQs for up to 12 people, you’ll find the right BBQ. Whether you want to grill few pieces of meat or dozens of sausages, it is up to you! Our Tefal models allow you to share convivial moments around a delicious grilling!

The power

Regarding the power, we recommend you opt for a BBQ with a minimum of 2000W. A high power level allows you to sear your steak better for an amazing flavor result.


Do you love to cook different recipes from all around the world and vary the food? Therefore, we recommend you to choose an electric barbecue with an adjustable thermostat. This way, you can select the right temperature to grill your vegetables, for example. Low temperatures are available for vegetables and fruits and higher temperatures to sear your thick pieces of beef to perfection.


Do you want to please your guests and do not spend too much time worrying about the cleaning? Then you should opt for an easy-to-clean BBQ model. These models come with a removable and dishwasher safe cooking grid and juice tray.


Do you live in a flat? Let’s check our compact models! They have been designed for a special use on balconies or terraces. Light and compact, you can transport them on holiday or to a friend's house.


Meat and steak are not your only purpose? Do you also want to grill vegetables and fish? Therefore, you can opt for a 2 in 1 BBQ with interchangeable plates. You’ll find a flat plate (plancha) and a grill plate (BBQ), so you can cook whatever pleases you. Vary the pleasures and tastes according to the seasons!

Less smoke

Are you concerned about smoke and the inconvenience it may cause your neighbors? To make sure that you will not bother them, pick a smoke-free model. This type of electric barbecue provides built-in water trays that collect the cooking juices. By collecting it, this system drastically reduces the smoke and the odors.

Relax and enjoy your barbecue!

Table version or feet version?

Our BBQs give you the choice! On legs, the barbecue is convenient for cooking at the right height and directly on your balcony. You’d rather place it on a table? Then choose a table version that you can install in the middle of the table for convivial meals where each guest can personalize the cooking of his piece of meat or fish. If you hesitate between the 2 models, please note that the legs can be removed.

Why should you choose a plancha ?

What are the advantages of a plancha ?

Whether you like to grill indoors or outdoors, planchas are the perfect device to grill delicate food. You can cook fish, shellfish or vegetables in the best way thanks to its flat plate. Moreover, their non-stick plates allow you to cook with little to no oil (or other vegetable oil) to preserve all flavors and nutrients. Healthy AND tasty? Who said it was not possible? Plus, some models are very easy-to-clean!

The electric plancha, placed in the center of the table, is ideal to share convivial and healthy moments with family or friends.


One of the first questions to ask yourself is the following one: “How many greedies do I usually have/invite around the table?”. Anyway, you should know that plancha is always a great option. Whether you cook and feed 2,4,6 or 8 people, you’ll find the right model for your needs! Our wide range of possibilities make it easier for you to choose !


First of all, we recommend you opt for a plancha with a power starting at 1800W. Moreover, some of our models can boost the power on one side of the plancha. That is perfect to sear your meat very well!


Fast cleaning is one of your priorities? Therefore, we suggest that you pick a griddle that is completely dishwasher-safe once the electrical part has been removed.


The quality of the coating of the griddle ensures better cooking convenience and maximum durability:

  • A non-stick coating is ideal for cooking without adding oil and ensures an effortless cleaning.
  • Some coatings have been reinforced for longer life and maximum durability.
  • For ease of use, choose a griddle with a Thermo-spot indicator that turns red and indicates when the plancha has reached the right temperature.


Do you like to vary the food and adapt the cooking to each recipe? Then, choose a plancha with an adjustable thermostat. This way, you can choose the right temperature to cook your ingredients, either fish, vegetables or meat.

Pourquoi choisir un grill ?

Quels sont les avantages d'un Gril ?

Pour les amateurs de viande et de simplicité, les grils sont faciles à utiliser et offrent d’excellents résultats. Il n’a jamais été aussi simple de préparer des grillades directement depuis votre cuisine?! .

Gain de temps assuré avec les plaques qui grillent les deux côtés de votre pièce de viande en même temps?! Vos bavettes et autres pièces de bœuf seront aussi délicieuses et belles qu’au restaurant, avec les rayures du gril sur chaque face. .

Mais ce type d’appareil ne se limite pas à la cuisson de la viande?! En été comme en hiver, vous pourrez préparer toutes sortes de plats, comme des légumes grillés et même des paninis.


Nos grils conviennent aux tablées de 2, 4, 6 et même 8 personnes. Vous trouverez celui qui conviendra à vos besoins, que vous cuisiniez pour un grand nombre d’invités ou seulement pour vous-même.


Offrez-vous une viande tendre, juteuse et délicieusement grillée en choisissant un appareil puissant avec une puissance de 1?800?W minimum.

Modèle intelligent ou manuel

Avec les grils électriques manuels, vous pouvez choisir la température de cuisson grâce au thermostat réglable. Cette fonction a l’avantage de vous garantir une cuisson optimale selon l’ingrédient cuisiné. .

Les grils intelligents, eux, disposent de programmes automatiques. Vous n’aurez pas besoin de penser à la cuisson de vos grillades, l’appareil s’occupe de tout?! Laissez-vous guider par les programmes automatiques pour une viande parfaitement grillée, que vous l’aimiez saignante, à point ou bien cuite. .

Il suffit de sélectionner le programme de votre choix, et le gril ajuste automatiquement le temps de cuisson et la température en fonction de l’aliment préparé. Pas d’inquiétude, l’appareil vous préviendra dès que votre plat sera prêt?! C’est la solution idéale pour obtenir d’excellents résultats et régaler tous les gourmands?! .

Sachez également que les grils intelligents proposent un mode manuel. Vous pourrez ainsi griller votre viande, juste comme vous l’aimez?!

Cuisinez sainement avec moins de matières grasses

Les grils avec revêtement antiadhésif vous permettent de cuisiner plus sainement. Vous n’avez pas besoin d’huile ou presque pour révéler toutes les saveurs de votre viande. En outre, sur certains modèles, l’inclinaison des plaques de cuisson aide à évacuer le jus de la viande, rendant votre cuisine encore plus saine.

Une fonction barbecue sur un gril ? C’est possible?!

Polyvalent, votre gril électrique se convertit également en barbecue électrique. Avec l’ouverture à 180°, vous pouvez faire griller votre viande ou autres aliments, comme si vous utilisiez un barbecue?! .

Un barbecue et un grill à la fois? Que demander de plus?!